Bishop: Questions of Travel

11 09 2007

As we said in class, Bishop focuses a lot in her works on objects in nature and geography. In the section we read from Questions of Travel this is very obvious. As I was reading them I fell into them. I really like the poem, “Questions of Travel,” I love the fact that it was in free verse, so i didn’t fall into a robotic rhythm, it read more like a journal than a poem. I really enjoyed the lines at the end

“continent, city, country, society:

the choice is never wide and never free.

And here, or there…No. Should we have stayed home,

wherever that may be!”

I thought these lines really summed up the emotions Bishop was feeling, about whether or not she should be there staring and watching other people’s lives. Throughout the poem she questions her reasons for being there, but justifies it because she wouldn’t have seen all the beauties. She questions humans and their ability to use their imagination, instead they must travel to these exotice places to fill that void in their lives. Overall, the imagery and lack of strict form really stricts this poem with me.



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11 09 2007
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11 09 2007
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