Response to Ginsberg’s Howl

24 09 2007

Since I did my group presentation on the Beat poets I was able to research and get more background and information about Ginsberg, his life, and possible reasoning for “Howl’s” intensity and tone. Ginsberg’s life was a constant roller coaster, in and out of mental hospitals, by looking at numerous pictures and even some journal entries by him it is obvious that this was a man who had many personal and mental issues. “Howl” is meant to be spoken outloud I don’t believe by just reading it to yourself a reader can give the justice the piece deserves. When we read sections out loud Ginsberg’s voice and emotions were visiable. That’s why I love the Beat’s poetry because it is not anything like the standard poetry. It is filled with mass emotion and the poets are not trying to conform to society’s wants and say what they want to say instead.