first draft couplet poem

9 10 2007

Silk In the Forest 

Through the woods, I caught a glimpse of scarlet

silk weaving, and dancing a piroet. 

The grumble grinds deep from within myself.

Silk like apples laced with sweetness and health. 

I caught a glimpse of juvenile face,

approached the young cautiously just in case. 

Her hair was enclosed in a burgundy

hood her youthful voice sang sweet melody 

She would taste so luscious to me I thought

 so innocent, pure and what I sought.  Pleasantly spoke about her ailing kin

visit was vital not to be forgotten. 

The house was set simply over the hill,

I would race her there and beat her still. 

my witty self played well, hoax the old

woman, her body felt filling yet uncontrolled. 

Dressed in her gown, I waited for the girl,

my hunger still struck hard, beneath my fur 

the moment had come my dinner grew near

she opened the door, I told her to adhere 

she came closer the moment was present

I had what I wanted and finally went.