Appreciating Baggott

28 10 2007

So far julianna baggott’s collection has been one of my favorites. I love the perspective of the poet she gives us. The question and answer poems I feel is one of the most interesting approaches to poetry I have seen in a while. The poem we read in class, “Q and A: How do your children affect your work?” really hit me hard. My seminar poetry group discussed the impact and purity of children. It is amazing how children can create a sense of an epiphany within us. I feel children are the purest of the pure because they have not had society’s impact on them. In this Baggott poem, the pureness of the drawing stands out even though it is just stick figures, which shows something like this doesn’t have to entirely resemble a person. I really appreciate how Baggott opens her mind and heart with poetry and life in general to her readers. She is an excellent example of a writer who creates metapoetry, but in my opinion she goes beyond this to a positive effect.