“if you dont go to college…you can’t live.”

14 03 2008

That was a statement one of my friends said to me and a group of friends when we were in high school thinking about school…Is higher education necessary?

To me that question is just as loaded as what is the meaning of life..well maybe not that intense. So, Is higher education necessary? Yes and no. I mean you hear those stories of people barely graduating high school making millions, but then you also hear that you aren’t going to get anywhere without going to college.

I think experiences impact people more than “formal” higher education. Then again, how to do measure success…many people use money…but it that really succeeding in life? People grow and learn from their experiences, a majority of those experiences can occur in college or higher. I also think that your peers and who you surround yourself with can ultimately replace higher education. There are people who go through college without ever looking or thinking outside the box. Surround yourself with people who will push your thoughts and that IS higher education. Just not formal. Ask me this question on another day and my answer will probably change a little. It is hard to write down and explanation to the answer when there are so many exclusions or certain situations.



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14 03 2008
14 03 2008
Gardner Campbell (09:08:11) :

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