a vision of students…

14 04 2008

so i meant to post this after http://www.siedc.org/wp/ our class, but got distracted. I had mixed feelings about the video we watchthat students made. Part of my was like wow that was intense/impactful and part of my was like o so what thats their fault. I’m still torn. I thought overall the video was effective in geting across a somber and intense mood, especially with the music and the way it was shot. But going back to my negative feelings about it. I was angry (as someone mentioned in class) about the fact that it seems with issues like not reading to assignments or completing the work it was the students fault so I wasn’t going to feel sorry for them. Trying to connect it to what we have been discussing class and what not, it made me think of the role technology has with those issues. Maybe the addictiveness to technoogy or social networks like facebook and the WWW are to blame. Im not saying that students shouldnt be held responsible and realize time management skills, but its interesting to think about….a little devils advocate.



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14 04 2008
Missak (21:30:09) :

I think that was exactly the point that the video was trying to make. Perhaps if there was no technology, then students wouldn’t be so discouraged from reading all of their books, rather than reading only 48% of them. So then the question is: whose fault is it? Technology or lack of motivation on the student’s part? I say both. I say technology definitely does have some distracting characteristics that could hinder students from learning, but they are also extremely powerful tools that can facilitate education as well.