14 04 2008

“the Web does not yet meet its design goal as being a pool of knowledge cialis online cheap that is as easy to update as to read”

since the article was written in 1994 i believe it makes sense that this is semi-true. It also shows how far and fast the WWW has come over the years. The Web, in my opinion, has developed in a giant and never-ending “pool of knowledge.” There are some technical parts involving the WWW which are obviously more difficult to update than others, but overall it has become a system than is accessed very easily. This being the last

article in The New Media reader is interesting since I feel it should have been incorporated earlier because many articles could be related to it. I’m really bad at understanding and comprehending the technical aspects of technology including the WWW so some of the reading was a little more difficult than others. Overall, this class has opened my eyes to technology as a whole and its impact on our societies. At first this class wasnt exactly what I expected, but I have been pleasently surprised and really enjoyed it.