found poetry

5 12 2007

so i don’t know how many of you read…it’s really interesting if you don’t…but at the end of this weeks there was a link to this not sure if it’s on this blog or not but is basically a magazine/website with things people have found written on various things…a lot of them poetic 🙂 check it out!

ferlinghetti reference found in my poem review

31 10 2007

from Billy Collins “The Trouble with Poetry”…

“I thought to myself/as a cold wave swirled around my feet/and the lighthouse moved its megaphone over the sea,/which is an image I stole directly/from Lawrence Ferlinghetti-/to be perfectly honest for a moment-“

voice…in writing/poetry from

2 10 2007


saw this while looking at, it reminded me of our discussion of voice within a writer’s works. It’s interesting because everyone thinks of physical parts of a human, when in reality a person’s voice is one of the most important to me.