14 04 2008

so viagra online real this is kind of random, but I thought it was funny…it basically makes fun of the eharmony viagra online discount and match.com commericals.



14 04 2008

“the Web does not yet meet its design goal as being a pool of knowledge cialis online cheap that is as easy to update as to read”

since the article was written in 1994 i believe it makes sense that this is semi-true. It also shows how far and fast the WWW has come over the years. The Web, in my opinion, has developed in a giant and never-ending “pool of knowledge.” There are some technical parts involving the WWW which are obviously more difficult to update than others, but overall it has become a system than is accessed very easily. This being the last

article in The New Media reader is interesting since I feel it should have been incorporated earlier because many articles could be related to it. I’m really bad at understanding and comprehending the technical aspects of technology including the WWW so some of the reading was a little more difficult than others. Overall, this class has opened my eyes to technology as a whole and its impact on our societies. At first this class wasnt exactly what I expected, but I have been pleasently surprised and really enjoyed it.

a vision of students…

14 04 2008

so i meant to post this after http://www.siedc.org/wp/ our class, but got distracted. I had mixed feelings about the video we watchthat students made. Part of my was like wow that was intense/impactful and part of my was like o so what thats their fault. I’m still torn. I thought overall the video was effective in geting across a somber and intense mood, especially with the music and the way it was shot. But going back to my negative feelings about it. I was angry (as someone mentioned in class) about the fact that it seems with issues like not reading to assignments or completing the work it was the students fault so I wasn’t going to feel sorry for them. Trying to connect it to what we have been discussing class and what not, it made me think of the role technology has with those issues. Maybe the addictiveness to technoogy or social networks like facebook and the WWW are to blame. Im not saying that students shouldnt be held responsible and realize time management skills, but its interesting to think about….a little devils advocate.

games of the video

7 04 2008

This reading is similar to that of McLuhan’s addictiveness to television, but right away Turkle cialis online cheap makes the distinction that television is something you watch while video games are something you do. As everyone in the class seems http://iupatdc5.org to know I am an advocate for the outdoors. However, I do feel that video games are more involving and do require skill which watching television lacks.
The video games today are so detailed and involved it amazes me the amount of skill required to “operate” and play them. I agree with Turkle that there is a sense of addictiveness with video games, but it is definitely not mindless. With the invention of the Wii especially video games have gone onto a whole new level. I’m fond of the Wii because it involves some physical activity and more interaction than just your fingers and eyes. One of the tricky parts with video games is, like Turkle said, when one loses oneself in a simulated world. This can be dangerous when the player becomes more involved in the video game world than interacting with actual humans. Overall, I don’t think video games are evil, I think they should limited and children especially should be monitored with them.

kimon? where?

31 03 2008

To me this story drew back the argument/discussion our class was having on the Illich article. For people to go to Kimon they must have extensive tests done and pass an IQ test. I found it interesting that there was a quote which said that the government obviously was interested of the evolution of thought. If this is true then why does it seem that this is not the case now a day, but in the story it is because there is a place so exclusive that people strive to get there? Why can’t people strive to “think outside the box” in general? Going back to Illich, yes schooling has become somewhat political but teachers and society need to try to persuade people to want to expand their minds. The concept of censorship on Kimon and how they could control with telepathy what they wanted you to know or hear makes me cringe. Imagine if the government or whatever overruling power could have control with their minds what a persona can or cannot be exposed to. Scary! While reading this story I kept trying to connect it to various articles we have read and new media in general to keep my mind from wandering too much. Like someone posted earlier, it has many levels

and many different directions it can go in. so is the purpose of Kimon to create a “higher-level” society rather than measly Earth minded people? Not really sure the purpose of that would be I feel like everyone would be trying to over think each other and therefore create chaos…maybe that’s just me.

new projecttttt proposal/idea

27 03 2008

Elizabeth and I have decided to switch the focus of our final project. We started out with the Facebook idea and creating an application for women’s DIII lacrosse. Creating an application is apparently a lot harder than we thought. With some guidance from Dr. C, we decided to create a social group through the website: ning.com. Both of us are unfamiliar with this website and social group setting. We hope to create a social group for Division III women’s lacrosse and get some interaction and feedback through it. We used the group we created on Facebook to get the word out and http://www.dfwhindutemple.org/antibiotics-for-sale/ also created a sticky on laxpower.com. Since we are unfamiliar with this website we will discuss the history of ning.com, purpose and the various applications it can be used for. If anyone has any suggestions on what else we can focus on that would be great or if you are familiar with ning.com.


so being a teacher is harder than it seems

24 03 2008

Since becoming an educator is one possibility for me next year this article was particularly interesting to me. Seeing how one person’s view of education and how it is incapable of functioning as its purpose makes me think deeply about the role of education and society http://www.forcv.com/levitra-online/ in general.  “The pupil is thereby “schooled” to confuse teaching with learning, grade advancement homepage with education, a diploma with competence, and fluency with the ability to say something new” is one of the first quotes which stuck out to me. Since I’m still a student I understand the importance and necessity of obtaining good grades. I mean without good grades you can’t/aren’t allowed to continue your education. Illich points out how grade advancement basically equals education and students are not worried/concerned with the knowledge they are obtaining but more so with whether or not their grades meet standards and beyond.

The education system and schools seem to be becoming more political and focused on social status. For example, if you are of a certain social status your IQ and education level viagra online discount is assumed. I’m not saying that this is true in all cases or even a majority but if it occurs at all it is wrong. One challenge I will face if I pursue teaching is trying to get my students to think outside the box and not to succumb to idea that grades matter more or that their only goal is to receive a diploma. I did find some of this article to be bogged down with excess information about politics and technicalities which kind of distracted me a bit, generic cialis cheap but overall the sections I read I agree with Illich. I wanted to write a post but I’m continuing reading and hopefullys ome good discussion will occur in class tomorrow.

porcupine and car??..not really sure

20 03 2008

When I first read this part of Viola’s article I was sure exactly what this story had to do with technology and condominiums. Like someone said in class today Viola’s article was confusing the fact that he had tendencies like McLuhan of jumping around with his ideas. I was going to post about the condominiums and data space, but to be honest I was kind of confused with the whole article in general and hoped our class discussion would relieve me of some this confusion. After Dr. C explained the story of Helen Keller and the Miracle Worker and how she was able to connect things with signs with understanding, the porcupine and the car story made a little more sense. Like many of my posts on here I basically end up babbling about my thoughts and how it relates and don’t really know if any of it really makes sense. The porcupine like most creatures only knows what they are exposed to. So the porcupine stood its ground and was proud because of it because a “car” to him does not exist….ok right now I have no idea where to go with this…maybe we can touch on it again in class on Tuesday.

-p.s. sorry for the late post my internet has been shaky…gotta love the dependability

so i like the outdoors…

18 03 2008

So does the real world exist anymore? This is one reason why I don’t like video games. It is as if interactions between people are slowly decreasing. Some video game addicts never leave their couch because they have all the human interaction they need through video games. Yes, I do admit the technology and realistic of video games is incredible; but why can’t people http://portageparkdistrict.org just enjoy each other’s company? Lucasfilm’s habitat reminds me of Second Life with the use of Avatars, I have never participated in Second Life nor do I really have a desire to. Like I have said in previous posts, kids now-a-days are never seen outside playing and some have social issues because of the lack of interaction. McLuhan’s addictiveness to T.V. definitely applies to the addictiveness of video games.  What will happen when the computer crashes or the gaming system breaks? All hell would break lose I’m guessing. Maybe it is because I’m obsessed with the outdoors and simple things, but video games, avatars and habitats like Lucasfilms seem useless to me. Technology is cool and impressive but when does it stop? Programs like the Wii, or dance dance revolution are viagra online pfizer as close to exercise these gamer addicts get…which is sad I my opinion.

“if you dont go to college…you can’t live.”

14 03 2008

That was a statement one of my friends said to me and a group of friends when we were in high school thinking about school…Is higher education necessary?

To me that question is just as loaded as what is the meaning of life..well maybe not that intense. So, Is higher education necessary? Yes and no. I mean you hear those stories of people barely graduating high school making millions, but then you also hear that you aren’t going to get anywhere without going to college.

I think experiences impact people more than “formal” higher education. Then again, how to do measure success…many people use money…but it that really succeeding in life? People grow and learn from their experiences, a majority of those experiences can occur in college or higher. I also think that your peers and who you surround yourself with can ultimately replace higher education. There are people who go through college without ever looking or thinking outside the box. Surround yourself with people who will push your thoughts and that IS higher education. Just not formal. Ask me this question on another day and my answer will probably change a little. It is hard to write down and explanation to the answer when there are so many exclusions or certain situations.